Texas District 26

If neither dominant party represents you, consider the Libertarian Party.

Hello 2024 Voters


"We The People, small gov't" is the best strategy for our great nation. The combative dominant parties have NOT brought public tranquility. In fact, they have further divided us and stirred up near everything.

In 2022 the Libertarian message made inroads.
I received 30.7% of ballots cast.  81,000 voters trusted me.

Wikipedia noticied (US House).


I will adhere to the following principles to represent the people of District 26.

Problems and issues can be solved effectively if we follow proven principles.

The issues to correct and problems to address are at the bottom of this page. However, resist the urge to rush to bottom of this page. Take your time with the material between here and the bottom.

A Different Focus

Our governance (NOT politics!) must be conducted using intellect. We cannot continue to decide public matters in the fit of emotion … or rage.
Few decisions made while emotional are sound decisions, right?

Will the traditional debates finally discuss the issues?  I'm hopeful, but NOT ready to bet my paycheck.

And NOT everything is a federal case. Most social decisions (99% or more?) can best be made by the people directly involved. Sometimes a community may have to be engaged, a local solution. And then rarely does a sovereign state have to weigh in. In fact, very little in the social arena requires federal attention.

Protest?  Disrupt?

We need to do something different, for sure. The Swamp will NOT by nature address current abuses. We The People must demand that change. Dr. Einstein is right!

I am flattered if you see me as either a protest or as a disruption. We saw some disruption
2017 thru 2020 … some of it was positive.

An Interview Please

What should I be doing for you and your fellow citizens?

I would like an interview with you for the 2025-2026 US House Texas 26 congressional seat.

Please consider the questions on this website. I want to receive emails with your answers/input. I want to know your expectations for YOUR Representative to the national Congress.

Please email me at kollsforcongress@yahoo.com

Until I get clear directions from you, please consider my expectations for governance starting January 2025, for the 119th Congress.

Problems and Issues

Long Term Structural ProblemsShorter Term Issues
Massive Federal Debt

NOT Following our Constitution

Federal Laws are Arbitrary and Unjust


NO Budget

War Happy, NOT a focus on peace

NO Immigration Policy/Strategy

Excessive Classification – too many secrets

Other issues already assigned

Will take more than 1 Congress, more than 2 years Can be addressed in 1 Congress, within 2 years or less

Maybe, if Congress will NOT address the real issues it may be time to consider a shutdown.

Life, Liberty!, Property

Web Author - Mike Kolls