If neither dominant party represents you, consider the Libertarian Party.

Active Issues

There are Immediate Issues that should be addressed by the 118th Congress. However, they will undoubtedly be ignored and held over for the
119th Congress.  They are:
Ukraine Immigraion NO Budget Secrecy Inflation

For the Sovereign States

There are additional issues that are more so matters for the sovereign states.
I base this on:

My understaning comes from the Federalist Papers #42 thru #47. These papers clarify American Federalism as part of proper separation of power.

To be clear, social issues below belong to the sovereign states. As such, social issues are NOT under federal jurisdiction.

State IssueYour InputEffectJurisdictionBenefit
Education/CRT  CRTEd

For the Federal Gov't

Some issues are explicitly assigned to the federal gov't.

Federal IssueYour InputMy Thoughts
Guns  Amendment II is crystal clear … "shall NOT be infringed"
And Caniglia v. Strom (2021) has already declared red flag laws unconstiutional – a 9-0 decision!
Capitol Protest  Congress administers the federal city. Let's see the Jan 6 surveillance video.

Life, Liberty!, Property

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