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The Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers #42 thru #47 have mostly been ignored by BIG gov't Progressives … and Neo Cons. There is separation of duties between the Sovereign States and the federal gov't. This voluntary confederacy is also known as American Federalism. To restate – strong Sovereign States and a weaker federal gov't.

Did you know that the Supreme Court has cited The Federalist Papers more than 200 times in its rulings?

The Federalist Papers is a good read, #5 on my list.

Highlights from foundational Federalist Papers:

Federalist #Key Principle(s)
  •   The new federal government would not divest states of their authority.
  •   Items suitable for the federal government – Commerce, finance, negotiation, war
  •   States to administer ordinary administration of criminal and civil justice
  •   Agriculture is subject to local legislation
  • 42
  •   The federal Union is given enumerated duties by The People (Article I Section 8)
  • 43
  •   The federal gov't will run the federal city, Washington DC
  •   The federal gov't will manage forts, arsenals, etc …
  • 44
  •   The last resort a remedy must be obtained from The People (supports Amendment IX)
  • 45
  •   The States will retain a very extensive portion of active sovereignty
  •   The States will address
        a) Ordinary course of affairs,
        b) Concern [protect] the lives, liberties, and property, and
        c) [Provide] Internal order in times of peace and security
  • 46
  •   The federal government will be disinclined to invade the rights of the individual States
  •   Unwarrantable measures of the federal government may cause the people to refuse cooperation
  •   State governments, with The People on their side, would be able to repel the federal army
  •   The powers for the federal government are little compared to those reserved to the individual States
  • 47
  •   Accumulation of power into the same hands (a dominant political party) is tyranny
  • 49
  •   Reason alone should regulate gov't
  • This diagram is instructive …
    yet, some duties listed belong to The People, NOT gov't.

    Life, Liberty!, Property

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