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The Border

"A nation does NOT need immigrants. Immigrants need a nation." – Unknown (paraphrase)

The Southern Border is a highly emotional issue. In this public debate there seems to be no compromise. Legislation is ignored. Executive Orders rule the day. And policies and procedures change when one dominant party gains "control" from the other dominant party.

This is NO way to run a nation. This is NO way to make "policy". We need consensus on processes to govern effectively … and promote public tranquility.

I propose legislation that:

NO Federal Benefits

I will vote against legislation that confirms federal benefits to immigrants. US citizens and residents pursuing their own US Dream cannot be asked to subsidize new arrivals.

Yet, we should allow those who have the industry to pursue the US Dream and provide a benefit to our society.

Sponsors – The 3Cs

Consider the following sponsors for immigrants:

These 3 Cs have a vested interest in the immigrant becoming a productive and peaceful member of society. IMO this is a reasonable vouchsafe of the immigrant.

The expectation is that the sponsor will fully support the immigrant until the immigrant becomes a productive citizen. This will allow current citizens and residents to pursue their own US Dream on their own merit.

The Sovereign States

Each immigrant will reside within a city of a state. As such, each sovereign state must be able to set policy on the following:

From the House

Jus Sanguinis

Currently, US Immigration Law incorporates two theories:
  1. jus sanguinis … by blood
  2. jus soli … by soil

I favor solely applying jus sanguinis. This would define citizenship as obtained thru parents. We also continue to encourage naturalization thru sponsorship.

Two examples:

A mother, a citizen of another nation, who has traveled to the US to give birth should NOT confer US citizenship to the newborn. The child is a citizen of the mother's nation.

An undocumented mother, a resident but NOT a US citizen, similarly cannot confer US citizenship to her child.


The status of Undocumented Adult Aliens (UAA) must be determined by legislation. We cannot continue to swing between Executive Orders that change when the other dominant pary comes "to power". The millions of UAA deserve to know their status in terms of citizenship.

I propose new legislation that declares all UAA to be residents, they can:

This will encourage immigrants to be productive, peaceful citizens. We want immigrants to contribute to our society, as opposed to being a burden.

Do NOT Separate (a twist)

As the family is the bedrock foundation of society, it is important to keep families intact.

Children traveling alone (DACA) should NOT be separated from their parents. Shame on their parents for shipping them on an often–dangerous journey. There should be pressure exerted (by the parents' foreign nation) to discourage this separation from their child. Deporting unaccompanied minors back to their parents would be most humane; this keeps families together.


Life, Liberty!, Property

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