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We live in a time of omnibus spending and continuing resolutions (CRs). This is NOT responsible, nor is it a budget. It is frenzy/chaos and allows uncontrolled spending.

IMHO, establishing the federal budget is the primary purpose of the House of Representatives; most duties listed in Article I Section 8 have already been established. The duty of budgeting, as prescribed by The Constitution, has been shirked for decades. The Constitution clearly states that all spending must originate from the House.

A Two-Year Budget

Congress should be in session as long as it takes to ensure that a two-year budget is in place by Oct 1 of odd-numbered years, following the cadence:

Federal Spending as Budgeted

Funds must be available in the US Treasury to be disbursed.

The House oversees the disbursement of budgeted amounts to the various federal departments. The disbursements can be released monthly or quarterly.

All federal departments must receive the current disbursement before the next round of disbursements are released – NO department can be skipped.

Keep in Mind

Most of our federal issues are caused by uncontrolled spending. A course that includes balancing the budget and paying off the massive federal debt can be performed more efficiently via a strong budget process.

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