If neither dominant party represents you, consider the Libertarian Party.

Realign with The Constitution

We cannot protect and defend an unknown.

For you reading pleasure or reference …
The Constitution of the United States


Some years ago, a presidential campaign declared their proposed program to be "constitutional". At that time, I could NOT confirm, nor deny the claim.
I fear most who make similar claims have NOT read The Constitution of the United States. Is their ignorance purposeful or is it more honest? Either way, appointed representatives swear an oath to protect and defend The Constitution. Is it possible to defend something you have NOT read, nor comprehend?

Our Constitution is heralded by most of the world … yet neglected/ignored here at home. Its prescription for separation of power is a purposeful brake on impetuses action.

Separation of Power … a great thing

This separation is
  1.   between the branches of the federal gov't
  2.   between the federal gov't and the sovereign states

I favor empowering the sovereign states for all social issues, as prescribed in The Federalist Papers #42 thru #47.

Did you know that the Supreme Court has cited The Federalist Papers in its rulings more than 200 times?

Justice Thurgood Marshall reminds us:

"History teaches us that grave threats to liberty often come in times of "urgency",
when constitutional rights seem to too extravagant to endure."
Yes, gov't should promote the general Welfare of The People. And it should be effective and efficient to accomplish that goal (Federalist #41). This careful balance, already outlined by our Constitution, cannot be invalidated by the turmoil/emotion of present conflict – cooler heads must prevail at our federal gov't. Besides, how many decisions made amidst emotional distress work out well? The havoc of ill-thought action upon 332,000,000 citizens can be especially destructive.

Incremental Change

As a Project Manager, most of my work is focusing on the next step. Additionally, process and quality efforts are always incremental. An incremental approach, applied to governance, would greatly benefit US citizens. The federal gov't does NOT serve The People when is creates large-scale disruption. Slow and steady progress better serves The People.

The Three Departments

The Legislative department is the furthest from its constitutional charge. It needs the most correction; this website chonicles many of the corrections needed. My vision, if I were to sit in the House, is to affect these corrections.

Congress is especially dysfunctional.

The Executive department also needs correction. The Constitution does NOT outline an imperial President … like we have. We need electoral pressure to lessen the power of the President. Congress is to lead, NOT the executive.

The Judicial department is closest to its constitutional charge. I offer my observations and comments on a few recent decisions.

Life, Liberty!, Property

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