If neither dominant party represents you, consider the Libertarian Party.

My Principles

If you vote according to the issues … consider the thinking behind a position on an issue.

As a candidate I will vote following principles. Please read my thinking before reviewing my position on an issue. My hope is that my votes on your behalf can be easily (and accurately) predicted.

We The People, Small Gov't

If you see We The People, Small Gov't as the solution to most issues facing the nation we are in lockstep agreement. If you do NOT, I want to hear your general strategy and your reasoning for current gov't intervention.

As the US Representative for Texas 13, I will only affirm legislation that:

We can achieve unity following this mantra.

Reason (NOT Emotion)

Decisions made amidst the chaos of emotion … generally do NOT resolve the conflict. An outburst may feel good, but most often does NOT solve the issue. Usually, we are right back to where we started.

Insulting a competitor only creates animosity. The problem may then seem even bigger …

Within the federal gov't decisions should be dispassionate and reasoned. The actions taken will impact 332,000,000 people (2021). Rash decisions must NOT cause other problems, a.k.a. unintended consequences.

My political truth is informed by some books. This page also has a short bio.

Governance (NOT Politics)

Gov't is available to solve verifiable problems. The People bringing their ideas and asking gov't for assistance.

I expect looking into issues and problems will be spirited and open to compromise. In the process we will learn from each other.

  My list of issues and problems is on my main webpage, listed in two categories:
  •   Long-Term Structural Problems
  •   Shorter Term Issues

NO Politics

I will NOT devolve into politics. Politics is vile and serves NO one. If you see me slip in politics, call me out, let me know that I've crossed the line. I cannot go there.

Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky is a vile playbook for politics. It advocates all the wrong things. I advise public servants to act 180° of this vile plan.

Texas Libertarians are facing state–level, dominant party politics via new filing fees.

Local Governance

Issues should be solved at the lowest level possible. In most cases (99%?) the people directly involved can settle the issue. The lower the level the more local the solution.
If two citizens cannot resolve the issue, lesser gov't can be approached. Very few issues should push out to either the state or federal arena.

I see Local Governance like a pebble entering a pond:

The debate over Artifiical Intelligence is a (yet another) local issue that the federal gov't wants to take from We The People.

Definitions Matter!

If we discuss something, but have a different understanding of it, we will simply talk past each other. Each of us can feel our opinion was heard and accepted … and yet, both walk away with our pre-conversation definition intact. Progress is only possible with a common definition.

Life, Liberty!, Property

Web Author - Mike Kolls