If neither dominant party represents you, consider the Libertarian Party.

Artificial Intelligence

Congress wants to regulate AI. What could go wrong?  Sky Net anyone?  (I'll be back!)

This violates a principle that The People approach gov't for assistance. We should never be subject to the whims nor dictates born amidst gov't.
They were elected to do the business of The People.

Besides, "regulating" AI will create millionaires of those sent to serve the public. Disgusting!  How are they allowed to enrich themselves using Insider Trading? … that is illegal to We The People.


Communications Decency Act (1996)

Hmmmm …
  How did this effort to regulate work out?  Social Media companies grew to be a major SOURCE of censorship and escalated our political discord. Talk about unintended consequences!

Concerned public servants were slandered as spreaders of misinformation:

  1.   Covid "vaccinations" and mandatory masking policies were ineffective, and harmful
  2.   Is there graft of selling access to the White House?
  3.   Our elections may NOT be secure

Now, in Dec '23, two of these are developing news stories that exonerate the concerned. The third is working its way thru various courts. All this debate was delayed/obfuscated by social media.

Social media colossi have ignored their obligations as Platform; their service should be free and open.
Instead, they acted as Publisher (and censored) while under the protections of Platform. Perhaps they should be stripped of Platform protections and be liable for what they peddled.

Gov't regulation? … NOT AGAIN!

BTW, I've been social media free since Sep 2020. I recommend it to everyone!

Unintended Consequences

Rash federal intervention creates unintended consequences. Every. Single. Time.

Remember the War Labor Board?  (see Left Field?)

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are approaching insolvency.

The Answer

Arresting Legal Plunder is our way back to Life, Liberty!, and Property.

Life, Liberty!, Property

added Dec 2023
Web Author - Mike Kolls