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Reform of Federal Legislation

The purpose of Law is to curb behavior dangerous to society. In our US heritage this is distilled into defending Life, Liberty, and legally obtained Property.

Laws must be applied equally to everybody.

Legal Plunder

Consider the definition
Law that takes from one person and gives it to another person,
Without the law in place, the only way to accomplish the same outcome is by theft.
Paraphrased from The Law (1850) by Frederic Bastiat – a must read!
Thru this lens most programs created by federal legislation are Legal Plunder, including:

Correction #1

Many federal laws benefit some or an indentified subset of society. These laws do NOT apply equally to everybody; they are exceedingly far from just.

I see the following abuses:

Legal Plunder cannot stand. It is obviously unjust and amoral.

I favor a general repeal/reform of all Legal Plunder. From my perspective this includes all federal laws passed since 1911, including constiutional amendments. This should eliminate almost all Legal Plunder (unjust) laws.

Sunset Provisions

New or re-legislated laws should include a sunset provision to limit the duration of the law. I favor a 12 year maximum duration. This would allow bad laws to quietly fade away. It would also require good laws to be re-legislated. These renewals could be improved by legislators. Over a short time only effective, enforcable laws would be on the books.

Corporate Law Reforms

The fiction of corporate personhood has caused many unintended consequences. First of all, an artificial corporate person has more power and less responsiblity. Each real person has less power and retains full responsibility. This it the antithesis of fair. How did we get here?

When corporate officers become accountable for their actions there will be less fraud committed on The People. Then, people truly injured should receive damage judgements.

We The People & Revived Political Power

And the end of corporate personhood would return political power to We The People. Corporate entities could NO longer make large political contributions. This is a yuge incidental benefit of ending corporate personhood and eliminating corporate limited liability.

In a republic the gov't works for The People (the real people). It is NOT the other way around.


April 4, 2023

I hope my prediction is considered overly critial … and proven false.

Life, Liberty!, Property

Web Author - Mike Kolls