If neither dominant party represents you, consider the Libertarian Party.


Gov't should have a limited impact in the daily affairs of citizens. Solutions needed by society must come from The People … NOT from gov't. 

From a Libertarian perspective the Democratic Party's program of Equity (starting on page 39) has NO place. It is just more Legal Plunder.

The Stain of Slavery

The enslavement of Africans into slavery is a great stain on the reputation/history of the United States. Slavery was common in 18th century. By 1865, many nations legislatively ended this foul practice.

If legislation solves social issues, three constitutional amendments certainly ended slavery.

Freedom & Individual Prejudice

Individual action, while sometimes repulsive, is a core to Liberty! in the US. We MUST be free enough to act as we see fit. We must also be adult enough to know that actions have consequences.

Our US system of justice is in place to address true injury caused by unfettered freedom. If I negatively impact another's safety, another's property, or another's freedom, I must curb my freedom.

Example 1:  I have started a business manufacturing an item. My business dumps toxic sludge on my neighbor's property. This is clearly an injury. US Law must render damages to my neighbor.

Example 2:  If a neighbor's dog soils my yard. My neighbor and I should be able to come to a solution, a local solution, without approaching any gov't.


Since we are all members of the human race (the only "race") everybody is the same, human.
If individual prejudice sees someone differently based on a physical characteristic, how can you change their opinion?  By constitutional amendment … or additional legislation?

I comdemn ALL racial hatred. As anti–semitism is a specific race hatred, I condemn it.

IMHO, US citizens are color blind; I try to be. Most of us do NOT see others based (entirely) on skin color. Bigots and otherwise prejudiced people will naturally suffer social rebuff and correction.

We are certainly more alike than unalike.

Cynical Theories

This book by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay is a necessary read today amidst political barbs, #13 on my list. I find it genuine. Mr Lindsay is a believer but has concerns about the methods of advocacy.

Harrison Bergeron

Hopefully you have already read this satire of gov't programs. If NOT, please take a few minutes to take an absurd trip.

The story.

Life, Liberty!, Property

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