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"Classified" Documents

We The People are the final authority. Period.


As such, all gov't correspondence/records belongs to us. There are NO secrets that can be kept from us by those sent to gov't on our behalf. At a high-level nothing should be kept from us, including:

Except … Immediate Safety of Engaged Military Personnel

In a war, properly declared by Congress, our soldiers must be protected. News of their upcoming mission or the logistics of the mission must NOT be known. Their safety is greater than our need to know. However, this withholding has a limited duration. Once the military objective has been achieved those details must be disclosed to any request made by the US press or a US citizen.

Covert / Clandestine Operations

If our presence portends a greater good, we should be open about our presence and engagement. As such, there is NO place for secrecy, nor for covert ops.

I do support diplomatic activities conducted on/amidst foreign soil. But, again, any military activity on foreign soil must NOT be attempted.

Other Reasons for Secrecy?

If there are other situations where secrecy is necessary … let's talk.

Presidential Records

With full transparency, nothing in the records held by a President or other appointed officer is classified. We The People have a right to view the info held by appointed public officers. Remember, they work for us, at our pleasure.

The (fake) hullabaloo over President Trump's and President Biden's documents is NOT a real issue. However, NOT disclosing these documents may be a crime …

As an employee I know that my correspondence, including email, is considered viewable by everybody. Our gov't should operate similarly.

Life, Liberty!, Property

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