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Foreign Relations

My comments specific to Ukraine are near the bottom of this page.

First, the Senate is tasked with matters relating to other nations. The House is only engaged in terms of funding the gov't, including international efforts.
As I sit in the House, I have little direct input on diplomacy.

Second, my position towards other nations is informed by

" … peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none."
  – Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address

Emissaries for Peace?

The United States must broadcast our intentions to be a broker for global peace. To be sure, we are NOT a free service … we expect proper payment for our diplomatic efforts. The US can only engage if all parties to the conflict agree to have the US be the arbitrator. If one party objects, the US cannot be part of the diplomatic discussion.

When the international community identifies an aggressor by a two-thirds (or more) consensus, the US will press that aggressor nation for a cessation of hostilities. And this provocateur will be expected to make the accommodations.


Diplomacy ≠ Military Engagement

It is essential to have open and active diplomacy with ALL nations. On a case-by-case basis, I will vote to fund reasonable efforts to contact and diplomatically engage with every nation. Every nation should have the ability to have friendship with the United States.

Foreign aid is NOT diplomacy. It is nudge and not so subtle suggestion. It is time to end ALL foreign aid.

NO War!

War is the most base and depraved action of mankind. Society must make even the discussion of war repugnant. War MUST be avoided. Furthermore, aggressors must be held accountable.

War and military engagement are most certainly NOT diplomacy. No one can diplomatically engage in the face of physical harm. The distinction between diplomacy and aggression is YUGE. Yet, many swamp monsters do NOT understand this enormous difference.

I wish swamp monsters would explain their bent for war to the US public.  NO more war!

I will NOT fund any war, military engagement, "peace" keeping action, or other insertion into the affairs of another sovereign nation. Military engagements on foreign soil are NOT National Defense.

NO war for Speaker Pelosi over Taiwan (Aug '22).

NO Sanctions

Sanctions are NOT diplomacy; they are economic war. Sanctions may initially seem less severe than military engagement but can cause more dire effects. I will always vote against war and against sanctions.

The United States

The United States is one of six regional hegemons. We have legitimate influence on North America, South America, and Western Europe.

Our role is to make Republicanism attractive to people around the globe. And then partner with nations that approach us to guide them to republic.
If we coerce other nations to emulate our governance … it will most certainly fail. The time of imperialism, colonialism, and superpowers is over. The US must never again engage in unilateral "nation building". And NO more regime-change war!

Again, I defer to the Senate on the specifics of foreign affairs. However, as a member of the House, I will always vote to fund the advance of diplomacy.
I will NOT vote to fund any foreign intervention.

We share the globe and must cooperate with the other regional hegemons. including:

Is our southern border under assault?  Is it time to consider a militarized zone at our southern border?

The United Nations

First, the United States has national sovereignty. The UN cannot force action, nor its opinion upon the United States. Restated, UN pronouncements are mere suggestions to the nations who voluntarily attend. Likewise, other nations have their national sovereignty that is NOT subject to the UN.

The UN is merely an international forum for diplomacy.

The preferred method for foreign relations should be bilateral agreements between the nations that have engaged in friendship. To assist participating nations, the UN offers safe contact with other nations.


NATO is NOT a diplomatic forum; it is a military alliance. The purpose is vastly different than diplomacy.

The agreement, by 12 nations, was to provide a defense of Europe from outside forces – the USSR (Russia). The Warsaw Pact then formed to do the same for the USSR. A strained "peace" was established. Since then, NATO has actively recruited; today there are 30 nations in NATO. Many of them are former Warsaw Pact nations. The most notable recruitment is Poland. It joined NATO in 1999.

Today's recruitment effort is Ukraine … If so, who has disrupted the peace?  If NOT, how has the peace been disrupted?

As European nations have recovered from WWII, it is time for them to fully shoulder the burden for their own defense. It is time that the United States recede and become an interested party – to no longer finance the alliance, nor direct European efforts.

I do look forward to active diplomacy with the nations of Europe … and the world.

Isra'el … since Oct 2023

Viewing the conflict in Gaza on 5/15/24:

I firmly believe that war is the most base and depraved action of mankind. When civility is abandoned hell is unleashed.

Wars are fought to win. You calculate the cost. If it's worth it, you risk everything. War is absolute.
    – Mike Kolls on the nature of war
Our 9/11 is similar to Isra'el's 10/7. In both cases civilians were killed. Justice must be found for these barbaric acts. Yet, faceless cowards hide. How do you administer justice?

Why haven't Palestinians turned over these thugs?  They must condone or applaud the 10/7 massacre; they are the enemy. And this Middle East animosity has been simmering for millennia. The US needs to stay out of this conflict; it is NOT our fight.

For Isra'el it is irresponsible to follow the Geneva Convention if the other side discards these universally accepted rules. War is absolute, without restraint.

And it is time to eliminate all foreign aid. Independent sovereign nations self fund. Current US aid should be eliminated over a five-year period.

For Isra'el, the current $ 3,300,000,000 annual aid would be reduced by $ 660,000,000 each year.

This is in addition to annual spending cuts to address the massive federal debt.


If the US were to engage in diplomacy with Taiwan it should be at Taiwan's request and then conducted by a properly appointed ambassador (with advice and consent of the Senate). Even with a One China policy the US must be open to all overtures of peace.

Aug '22, the rogue House Speaker violated traditions of proper interactions with foreign nations. She was exceedingly foolish to impulsively poke the bear or dragon – especially when it may negatively affect 332,000,000 citizens and residents.

Was this a violation of the Logan Act?


This contention between Russia and Ukraine is outside US influence. The United States has NO standing to force, nor coerce an outcome. These two sovereign nations must address the current conflict.

Ukraine is NOT a member of NATO. We have no obligation to Ukraine.

Because of this conflict, it may be the right time to reassess the United States' commitment to NATO, including funding and the Article 5 pledge.

The United States has been in an undeclared war with Russia since sending weapons (May 2022) and providing intelligence to Ukraine. the United States is an active combatant. This war is (at a minimum) unconstitutional without Congress' declaration of war. Each day the war is prolonged Congress assumes responsibility for the additional deaths of Ukrainian citizens and Russian soldiers.

The federal gov't should have volunteered to negotiate a peace months ago.

I will a) demand an appeal for peace and b) ask to stop weapon shipments and foreign aid to Ukraine. Congress and President Biden have blood on their hands.

Concerned nations of the world should bring their insight to the United Nations. When the aggressor of this conflict is affirmed by global consensus (at least two-thirds), the United States can be approached to become peace negotiators.

Life, Liberty!, Property

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