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Is China a friend or a threat?

If you listen to conservatives (remember, it should be leaders that govern) or their media they pronounce China a threat. They are decidedly wrong. China is a yuge and growing market for our US–made products and services, even if there is a trade deficit for the US with China.

Objective Measures

Using GDP (nominal) China's economy is 72% of the US' economy.

And looking at GDP (nominal) per Capita, China's purchasing power per person is 17% of a US person.

China does NOT dominate the US economically, NOT even close.

Futher Trading Partner

China would make a better trading partner than an adversary. Business partners do NOT shoot each other, especially when both are making a profit.

There must be absolutely NO tariffs and NO sanctions for either nation. Free trade.

Global Influence?

Many beltway war hawks squawk about China flexing its military muscle. The false narrative adds that more US military spending is needed to counter China's increase in military strength.

Again, the objective measure is the US outspends China militarily  3:1.

Has China increased its outreach to other Asian nations?
Has China reached out to South American nations?
Has the US advanced its diplomatic efforts?
My guess … NO
It seems China has the right strategy concerning diplomacy.


Is Chinese fentanyl pouring into the US?  It seems so. Must US citizens and residents consume this deadly drug (merely because it is available)?
This problem is solely a demand–side problem. If the demand dried up overnight, the supply would dwindle, and the problem would fade away.

Why do US citizens and residents crave powerful recreational drugs?  That is an entirely different discussion than Chinese fentanyl. It is NOT China's fault. This phenomenon is entirely owned by the US.

If there is a solution, the solution will come from the US/demand side.


At this time, we do NOT know the origins of Covid. It is time to follow facts and possibilities. There must be open and honest dialogue on Covid between our two nations. Unnecessary secrets subvert friendships and partnerships.

Tik Tok

Nov 2023, ban Tik Tok? … NOT so fast. Much like fentanyl, this seems to be a demand–side situation. And, how can a distant federal gov't do what concerned parents won't do?

This is another case of asking the wrong questions. This is NOT a federal case; this is a local issue.

Tik Tok has been banned on devices used for State of Texas business. It seems Texas has assessed the risk and acted. Private companies have similar decisions to make. AND parents have a decision to make.

Or do we consider Tik Tok Texas? (next topic)

US–Based Business

Public comments insinuate that foreign companies do NOT have as many obligations as US–based businesses.
Is it true that:

Foreign owned businesses should be held to the same laws and restrictions as US–based corporations. That includes laws, rules, regulations, and taxes.

I further suggest that each state enact laws that require foreign business concerns to have a partner US company to conduct business in that sovereign state. This includes corporate officers being US citizens. The intent is to have foreign companies follow the same rules as a US–based business.

For example, Honda would have to incorporate Honda Texas to do business in Texas.
Likewise, Honda New Mexico, Honda Oklahoma, …

If this is already the case, I'm pleasantly surprised. Again, public comments and insinuation say foreign companies are operating outside the rules.

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