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National Defense

How does a gov't defend a nation?  Is it:
  1.   Defending the territory of the nation, especially the people within that territory
  2.   Engaging militarily on foreign soil

To me, the answer is obviously … A. If our military is in another sovereign nation, it is clearly NOT a defensive action.

Diplomacy Always

It should also be most obvious that we should have active diplomacy with every nation. There must NOT be any preconditions to open and honest communication.

We had sage advice at the inception of this great nation:

" … peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none."
– Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address


We MUST NOT go to war over Ukraine – early April 2022.

US Under Attack

If the United States is invaded the gov't is obligated to defend the people of the nation. I am curious if there is an ample defense of our nation within our borders. Yet, I'm confident that few aggressors are confident enough to even try such an invasion.

A brief word on 9/11 – those that attacked us were (and still are) faceless cowards. Aggression always deserves resistance and consequences. Two decades later, with a great deal of hindsight, a better response would have been to engage with our friends for clues to identify the cowards. And then make an appeal to the United Nations for proper justice.

Balloon and Objects

With a degree of hindsight any unknown or possible hostile intrusion should be prevented. The gov't owes The People safety from foreign intrigue.

Prior to detecting the Chinese spy balloon (Feb '23) Congress must have had some rules of engagement. It seems reasonable to force the balloon down somewhere west of Alaska (or where first detected) accomplishes common defense. If Congress has NOT devised rules of engagement for intrusion or invasion, it had best develop them. These plans then to receive public scrutiny and debate.


Likewise, current classified information on UFOs must be made public – immediately. We The People have a right to know.

US Citizens Abroad

As the US Senate has charge over interactions outside of US territory, my remarks here will be brief … and more so, philosophical.

US Diplomatic Posts should aid US citizens abroad by:

Military Adventurism

End it immediately.

Life, Liberty!, Property

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