If neither dominant party represents you, consider the Libertarian Party.


Entering the conversation about "restoring democracy" I am compelled to define democracy (because definitions matter!). I fear that Ds and Rs have conflicting definitions. And both of their definitions differ from a Libertarian understanding.
DemocraZy – one person, one vote. All citizens vote on every matter. The United States is a Republic, NOT a DemocraZy.

Federalist #10 says " … democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths."

A deomocraZy is NOT desired.

A Republic

Our sagacious Constitution states that our gov't is a republic.

"A republic if you can keep it." – Benjamin Franklin
A republic has appointed representatives sent to gov't to conduct the business of The People. The People retain the true power; that is, elections have consequences. Representatives that do NOT serve The People should NOT be reappointed.

Yet today, many representatives have been ensconced for multiple decades. This creates a condition of NO accountability to The People. These isolated representatives do NOT do the bidding of The People, nor do they act as servant leaders. They are more so an


Beltway Swamp Monsters are self-appointed elitists who self-aggrandize at the expense of The People. They see themselves as superiors dictating to the proletariat. Often the laws the oligarchs inflict upon The People do NOT apply to themselves – upon thee, but NOT upon me. They have the air of a ruling class.

Oligarchs Say

The arrogant oligarchs say "democracy" but act as though they rule over you. They parade like feudal lords.

It is time to remind appointed representatives that they serve We The People, at our pleasure.

Term Limits?

Voters you already have the power. Do NOT vote for an incumbent.

If you mean to limit a specific member of a dominant political party, the party will then select a near-identical replacement. This will, in effect, violate the idea of term limits. The same ideology continues.

… or consider a Libertarian candidate, like me.

Restsore Our Republic

We The People need to challenge the oligarchs to realign with the Constitution. It is time to restore the republic.

Life, Liberty!, Property

Web Author - Mike Kolls