If neither dominant party represents you, consider the Libertarian Party.

Texas Filing Fee

Starting with 2020 elections there is a filing fee to run for public office in Texas. Prior to that there was NO fee. The current filing fee to run for US House is … (A) $ 3,125. These filing fees go to support (B) state funded primaries.

(A) $ 3,125 is a YUGE barrier for Libertarians and independents without massive party money machines. My candidacy is a one–man–show. I do NOT have a dominant party political machine behind me. My 2022 "fundraising" was $ 100 from a friend. I'm also the web designer.
(B) The Libertarian Party uses a convention system to nominate candidates. It is self–funded; we use NO public funds. Yet, these new filing fees would support both D and R (publicly funded) primaries.

Governance (NOT Politics)

Politics is a dirty business.

I promise that I will govern and NOT slip into politics … I can't afford it.

Life, Liberty!, Property

added Jan 2024
Web Author - Mike Kolls