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Debate Watch

Hoping to avoid a repeat cage match, Trump v Biden, I will be following primary and general election debates.

GOP 1 – 8/23/23

My website directly (already) addresses most of the questions asked.

In general, most candidates were too emotional. Kudos to the two that kept their cool. And yet, there would have been more fireworks with President Trump participating.

My comments on the candidates:

  8  Doug Burgum  composed (thank you!) … and thank you for showcasing Amendment X
  7  Asa Hutchinson  you're off the island
  6  Chris Christie  you're off the island
  5  Tim Scott  composed (thank you!)
  4  Nikki Haley  lives to fight another day
  3  Mike Pence  lives to fight another day (barely)
  2  Vivek Ramaswamy  great introduction!  The night's big winner
  1  Ron DeSantis  still #2

The Questions

  1.   Does the US have widespread problems?  I am a candidate because the federal gov't is severely BROKEN … as detailed throughout this website
  2.   Out of control federal spending
  3. Inflation
  4. Climate is a local issue
  5. Abortion is a local issue
  6.   Homelessness and crime are local issues
  7.   The (contrived) indictments against President Trump
  8.   Do we continue to fund Ukraine?
  9.   Is China a friend or a threat?
  10.   What is the right policy for the border?
  11.   Education is a local issue.
  12.   Where does faith fit in governance?
  13. UFOs

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