If neither dominant party represents you, consider the Libertarian Party.

Debate Watch

Hoping to avoid a repeat cage match, Trump v Biden, I will be following primary and general election debates.


GOP 4 – Dec 6, 2023

Finally!  A watchable debate. The NewsNation moderators led the best primary debate. There was minimal talking over compared to the previous debates.

GOP CandidateMy RankingPositiveNegative
Gov DeSantis2nd
  • Constitutional lawyer … follow the Constitution 
  • Inflation is a dire issue
  • Quick to sabre–rattle
  • Gov Haley4th
  • On occasion mentioned local solutions
  • War Hawk
  • Mr Ramaswamy1st
  • Lay off 75% of federal workers
  • NO more coercion of other sovereign nations
  • Gov't has too many secrets
  • Strong executive (Congress should lead) 
  • Gov Christie3rd
  • Possible Federal Attorney General
  • D–like in condemning President Trump

    Red State / Blue State Debate – Nov 30

    This event was unruly, but predictable. Both candidates repeatedly talked over each other for the first hour.
    I'm NOT sure what happened after … I turned it off. Neither candidate acted presidential.


    GOP 3 – Nov 8

    The moderators did a better job keeping the debate focused and civil. The questions were repeats with a few new topics:

    My opinions of the candidates did NOT change.


    GOP 2 – Sep 27

    The "leading" candidates were unruly and talked over each other. The most restrained (and least heard from) Gov Doug Burgum again was calm and justly garnered my attention.

    I heard very little about smaller gov't and even less about returning decisions to We The People.

    Revise the Format

    As moderator, I would:  (for 7 candidates)

    This gives each candidate an opening statement, 3 topics, and a closing statement … a 10 full minutes. The debate can happen within 90 minutes.

    Candidates NOT speaking to a question can submit a 250-word response within 2 hours of the end of the debate. The first 250 words of these responses will be posted on the host's website along side of the video recorded event.

    If a longer debate is desired more questions can be prepared.

     7 Gov Doug BurgumStill calm and still talked States Rights. He was above the chaos.
    6Sen Mike PenceRiding his role/accomplishments as VP, yet besmirching President Trump … curious  
    5Gov Chris ChristieMore likable than at GOP 1, but I'm still NOT in his camp.
    4Sen Tim Scott NOT as calm as in GOP 1. He joined the unruly, a demotion.
    3Gov Nikki Haley More combative than in GOP 1. Yet, mentioned Sovereign States.
    2Vivek Ramaswamy Obviously, he was the target. He lost his calm and aloofness.
    1Gov Ron DeSantis He looked more presidential. Yet, he jousted … even when he did NOT need to.
     President Donald Trump His decision to NOT participate seems even wiser.


    GOP 1 – Aug 23

    My website directly (already) addresses most of the questions asked.

    1.   Does the US have widespread problems?  I am a candidate because the federal gov't is severely BROKEN … as detailed throughout this website
    2.   Out of control federal spending
    3. Inflation
    4.   Several local issues
    5.   The (contrived) indictments against President Trump
    6.   Do we continue to fund Ukraine?
    7.   Is China a friend or a threat?
    8.   What is the right policy for the border?
    9.   Where does faith fit in governance?
    10. UFOs

    In general, most candidates were too emotional. Kudos to the two that kept their cool.

      8  Doug Burgumcomposed (thank you!) … and thank you for showcasing Amendment X  
    7Asa Hutchinsonyou're off the island
    6Chris Christieyou're off the island
    5Tim Scottcomposed (thank you!)
    4Nikki Haleylives to fight another day
    3Mike Pencelives to fight another day (barely)
    2Vivek Ramaswamygreat introduction!  the night's big winner
    1Ron DeSantisstill #2

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