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Abortion is a social topic that should allow all of us to have closely held convictions but NOT force those convictions upon others … a litmus test of society and proper governance.

There are two obvious "views" (a near 50/50 spilt) on abortion. There will never be consensus concerning abortion. As such, public policy or legislation is NOT possible. And will NOT bring public tranquility.

Abortion is a difficult decision of conscience.

Outside of Gov't

Abortion is a social issue that belongs to the people directly involved (local). That is, to the mother carrying the baby. She is ground zero concerning abortion.

Individual Influence

Pregnant moms, if you are considering an abortion, consult the people in your life that you trust. They can walk through the decision process with you.

Family and friends support pregnant moms. If you have a strong opinion and asked by a pregnant mom, share your opinion. And then trust the pregnant mom to make the best decision for herself.

If a pregnant mom asked me, I would suggest that she carry the baby to term. I would then help her through her pregnancy (if needed). After birth, she can decide to keep the child or have the child eligible for adoption. If she rejects my advice … it is truly her decision to make.

It's that easy.

Public Funding?

I oppose any public funding of abortion. Private decisions should yield private action.

Dobbs v Jackson

Dobbs moved the issue from the federal gov't to state gov't. This was movement in the right direction. However, Dobbs did NOT go far enough. As I've already stated this is a difficult decision of conscience for the pregnant mother.

Gov't  …  We The People, we've got this.

Roe v Wade

This overturned decision was based on (a conjured "right" to) privacy. In the name of privacy, how can public funding be used?  Doesn't that violate privacy?

Abortion Centers

Pregnant moms who decide to abort should have access to doctors who support abortion. This is a personal decision made in the Free Market (free from gov't involvement). There cannot be any coercion to participate, nor to abstain. Gov't cannot subsidize.

Life, Liberty!, Property

Web Author - Mike Kolls