If neither dominant party represents you, consider the Libertarian Party.


Can the United States be in unity?  NOT in today's political climate. The two dominant parties have divided us … unreconcilably.

Temporary Unity

Our ruling class would like us to be united around Ukraine. We have NOT, nor should we.

The public debate over climate has also NOT brought unity.

While the horrible events of 9/11 played out there was a short-lived sense of unity. People came together to comfort each other. Sadly, this unity was brief.

During WWII (80 years ago!) there was a strong sense of national unity. Yet, during Vietnam there was great division. War does NOT bring unity, nor should it.

Rally Around What?

That is the $ 64 $ 1,000,000 question.

If the answer was easy … we would already have unity.

I propose we:

Each of us can wholeheartedly support family and friends as they pursue their vision of the US Dream.


We The People – small gov't

Unity is NOT brought by gov't program/intervention.


Life, Liberty!, Property

Web Author - Mike Kolls