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A Bailout?

No.  NO.  HELL NO!!

It's obvious nothing was learned in 2009. And there is already talk about another bailout … for SVB.  NO.

If Dodd-Frank was supposed to ensure that bank failures never happen again … it did NOT work. Yet another failure at the hand of misguided, intrusive gov't.

It is time to let failed businesses fail. SVB assets should be sold off to satisfy depositors. Close it down.

Moral Hazard

EVERY federal action/law creates unintended consequences. Every. Single. Time.

Nobody can benefit from this fraud … NOT even federal legislators.


FDIC is a so called safety net that is more so moral hazard. The banks do NOT suffer when they fail or mismanage. The full risk is assumed by federal "insurance" … taxpayers. Who will bail me out if I mismanage my affairs?

DO NOT raise the amount of FDIC coverage. If coverage is increased We The People will bear risk beyond the legislated "safety net" – an escalated moral hazard.

Raise the Capital Adequacy Ratio

A higher CAR would reduce risk.

More Legislation?


Executive Action?

Hell NO!

The Courts!

Those defrauded by SVB should take them to court. We have a legal system to bring justice. Sue them!  Make SVB liquidate to pay those defrauded.

This is a classic example where local action should be the course of action.

Life, Liberty!, Property

Web Author - Mike Kolls