If neither dominant party represents you, consider the Libertarian Party.


Does human generated CO2 threaten the planet?  Today (Nov '23) I am a skeptic who wants to see data.

CO2 Reality

From a 2019 report of CO2 emissions. Please note the following:
Nation(s)     % Produced  Influence? 
United States13.43%YES
EU & UK8.69%No
Rest of the World40%No

The Green New Deal?

$ 93,000,000,000,000!

Reading the Green New Deal is very instructive. Consider how many items are actually climate related … maybe item g.

  1.   Address 40-year wage stagnation (page 3, item 2)
  2.   Address income inequality (page 4)
  3.   Deem climate change as a threat to national security (page 4, 2nd whereas)
  4.   Gov't to create good paying jobs (page 5, 1st whereas, item 1)
  5.   Investment in (undefined) infrastructure (page 5, item C)
  6.   "Equity" adjustments for all minorities (page 6)
  7.   Upgrade ALL buildings to be more "efficient" (page 8, item E)
  8.   Public education for everybody (page 11, item C)
  9.   Targeted investments in specific industries (page 12, item E)
  10.   Federal protection of unions (page 12, item G)
  11.   Protectionism (page 14, item N)
  12.   Healthcare ¿ gov't provided?  (page 14, item O)

This seems more more New Deal than Green. The $ 93,000,000,000,000 price tag will likely be multiplied to attempt the above list. Besides these items above grant a benefit to a subset of society at the expense of taxpayersLegal Plunder. And an additional danger, creating the money out of thin air following Modern Monetary Theory.

I vote an emphatic NO on GND.

Local Referendum

Immediate action can be taken by individual business owners. These efforts to be part of their marketing campaigns. Will responsible businesses draw buyers?  It is an easy referendum of public opinion versus heated legislation or an election referendum.

Do purchasers favor climate improvements or lower costs?  I am exceeding curious to find out.

Life, Liberty!, Property

Web Author - Mike Kolls